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SD-PS96 LED Indicate Phase Meter

Technical Data

Working voltage: AC 250-450V Frequency 50/60Hz.

Function brief:

1.The WRONG & CORRECT light will be on when lose phase, at the same time the light of that light of that lose phase will be no on.

2.The WRONG,L1,L2 L3 indicate light all will be on when the phase Sequence is error.

3.The CORRECT,L1,L2,L3 indicate light all will be on when the phase Sequence is right

Products specification: all the meters are quipped with silver gray silk-screen printing PC board. The movement consists of high performance electronic component which have a good adaption of condition temperature and anti-magnetic interference ability.

The case is made up of PC plastic, resistant temperature can be up to 120℃, resistant voltage is higher than 2000V.

The meter is easy to install with high-strengthen plastic pieces by pushing so that it is of high immobility.