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HL 96-7 LCD Three-phase COS Meter

Technical Data



Adopting high-precision professional electric energy metering chip

 Voltage/current: 0.2 or 0.5

Frequency: 0.02HZ or 0.2 HZ

Active power/reactive power/power factor: 0.5

Electric energy:0.5

Reactive Electric energy: 1.0

Working FrequencyUsed in power frequency circuit, the frequency is 45-65 HZ

Signal Overload:

1.2 times rated voltage/current continuous overload

Rated current 10 times duration: 5S

Rated voltage 2 times duration: 1S
Operating Environment:
               Operating temperature:-10℃~+55℃.
               Storage temperature:-25℃~+70℃.
               Relative humidity≤93%,Non corrosive gas.
Safety Performance: 
               Insulation resistance:>100MΩ.
               AC withstand voltage:>AC 2000V.
ESD: Level  4
Surge: Level  4

EFT: Level  4

Communication Module:

Support RS-485 communication, Modbus-RTU protocol

Baud rate:1200-9600bps, default 2400bps

Input and Output Function Module:

Switch input: supports 2 trunk node input

Switch output: support 2 relay output, capacity: AC 250/5A, DC30V/5A

Variable output (analog output): supports 1 channels 0(4)-20mA or 0-5V

Power pulse output: support 2 channels of electrical energy pulse output,  constant: 8000imp/kWh(kVar)

Harmonic Measurement:

Three phase voltage: 2-31 harmonic component and total harmonic distortion rate (THD)

Three phase current: 2-31 harmonic component and total harmonic distortion rate (THD)

Signal Wiring Diagram: